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Firefighter Salary & Benefits

Besides being able to serve and protect the community, becoming a firefighter may be more rewarding than you think, particularly when taking a closer look a typical firefighter salary (which tends to be around $41,000/year) plus fringe

benefits. In most cases, a firefighter's salary will depend on several different facors, inlcuding the state & county in which he or she resides, the length of time already served as a fire fighter, as well as any type of promotion or rank advancement (earned through merit or education). Some fireman's salaries can even reach the six-figure mark (find out the average firefighter salary in your area). In addition to a competitive salary, most states provide extensive medical and dental coverage, top-notch retirement plans, 2-4 weeks of paid vacation, holiday bonus pay, added bonuses for being bilingual, strong relationships with coworkers, and solid job security. Experienced firefighters also have better chances of getting hired as HAZMAT technicians, paramedics, or even as a police officer. Manyfirefighters can enjoy 2-3 full days of work per week, leaving ample leisure time to spend with families & friends.

Take a look at some of the benefits* of becoming a firefighter:

*Not all fire departments will offer these benefits